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Brass/ Woodwinds


The biggest reason why so many of the world's leading solists and orchestral musicians have chosen Yamaha flutes is because they give performers an almost miraculous freedom to create their own unique sound.


We offer a complete range of piccolos, from the top-of-the-line handmade model to the easily affordable standard model.


No one makes clarinets like Yamaha, because Yamaha has unique resources which just aren't available to other instrument makers - including a global R&D network with full-time staff stationed in the world's major music capitals.


Yamaha Saxophones are considered by many to be the best in the world, and offer a full range from Custom and Pro models, to intermediate and standard models. All feature highly accurate intonation, warm tone, and a quick response.


Yamaha Custom Oboes create an exceptionally balanced and colorful tone. The shape, size, and placement of the toneholes have been meticulously analyzed to guarantee unmatched sound and playability.


Yamaha Custom bassoons deliver a full rich sound which allows control of the most subtle tone shadings in delicate passages, while letting you open the sound up beyond traditional limits.


A complete line from basic models to the world famous Xeno custom trumpets. Traditional hand-craftmanship augmented by cutting edge manufacturing technology has created an extraordinary quality of unprecedented consistency.


Flugelhorns have a soft, mellow, dark sound. With their beautiful lyrical qualities, they are especially favored for jazz ballads.


Compared to the trumpet, the cornet features a greater proportion of conical tubing, which gives it a mellow, softer tone.

French Horns

Yamaha French horns feel so right, play so well, and sound so good. They are found in so many of the world's great orchestras.


Yamaha trombones are world renowned for their excellent slide action, easy response, and colorful, commanding tone. A full range of models are available to satisfy all playing needs.

Alto (Tenor) Horns

Yamaha alto (tenor) horns are perfect for brass band or a beginning student.


Excellent intonation, easy playability, and rich warm sound make these baritones a welcome addition to any ensemble.


A complete lineup with models for everyone--from beginner to experienced professional.


Yamaha tubas are found in every setting from school to stage.

Marching Brass

Yamaha marching brass feature unmatched durability. They also produce the finest sound, the highest quality, and best consistency.


A mouthpiece affects both how you play and how your instrument sound in very significant ways.


SILENT Brass™ delivers natural acoustic tone you hear when playing without a mute.